Political, Economic, Cultural and All Other Affairs in the DPRK

Supreme Leader's Activities
  • Reconstruction Site of Flood-Hit Area Inspected [2020-09-12]
  • Guidance to 6th Enlarged Meeting of 7th WPK Central Military Commission [2020-09-09]
  • Typhoon-hit Area Inspected [2020-09-06]

S. Korean Authorities Warned against Intrusion

The Korean Central News Agency issued the following report to warn the south Korean authorities on September 27:

In connection with the occurrence of an awful case which should not have happened in the present phase of inter-Korean relations, we investigated it and notified the south side of its detailed account on September 25.

  • The Most Important of State Affairs [2020-09-27]
  • Sci-Tech Requirements Are Observed in Manuring and Cultivating Crops [2020-09-27]
  • S. Korean Authorities Warned against Intrusion [2020-09-27]
  • By Introducing Rational Methods [2020-09-26]
  • Officials Exist for the Sake of People [2020-09-26]
  • Right to Education Is Guaranteed by Law [2020-09-25]
  • Education Guarantees DPRK’s Rosy Future [2020-09-25]
  • Agricultural Sci-tech Measures to Minimize Typhoon Damage [2020-09-24]
  • For Clean Marine Environment [2020-09-24]
  • Socialist Education System and Its Historical Root [2020-09-24]

Kim Jong Un's aphorism

“The forest restoration campaign is a war to improve nature.”

[Anecdotes] :: Making a Detour for Three Years

One day in the early spring of 1970, President Kim Il Sung left Pyongyang for field guidance in Onchon County. The car travelled along the Pyongyang-Nampho road, and was veering in the direction of Ryonggang, when the leader told his driver to stop and drive toward Nampho, instead of Ryonggang.

“Aren’t you going to Onchon?” asked his aide.

President Kim Il Sung’s Reminiscences With the Century (8 Volumes)

DPRK Socialist Constitution

Policies for Korea’s Reunification

[Overseas Korean Nationals] :: Overseas Korean Nationals

The Korean nationals in Japan and other countries comprise those Koreans who were forcibly taken to Japan as labour draftees, conscripts, etc. or who drifted abroad in search of livelihood in the years of the Japanese imperialist military rule and their descendants.

As a stateless people, they were long subjected to national discrimination, deprivation of rights and destitution in alien lands.

[Economy] :: Unha Pedigree Fish Breeding Station

[Economy] :: Koryo Simchong Company

[Social Culture] :: Education Guarantees DPRK’s Rosy Future

[Social Culture] :: Agricultural Sci-tech Measures to Minimize Typhoon Damage

[History & Folk Customs] :: Koguryo Tombs with Murals and Historical Relics Unearthed

[History & Folk Customs] :: The One and Only Country Which Denies Its Past Crimes

[Korea Is One] :: Inter-Korean Talks for Sports Held

Pyongyang Golf Course


Tower of the Juche Idea


Pyongyang Golf Course


Our National Flag

Ode to Motherland

My Country Filled with Hope

The Country I Defend

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