Name: Kim Jong Hyon

Sex: man

Birthday: November 3, 1996

Address: Kumsong-dong No. 3, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang

Present post: player of the Korean Sports Association of the Disabled

Type of disabilities: amputation of the lower left leg

Career: After graduation of the vocational training school under the KFPD Central Committee in 2014, he came to be a ski runner of the Korean Sports Association of the Disabled. In 2017 he was admitted to the Faculty of Economics of   Kim Il Sung University online college.

With the Honour of the Korean Women

Massager Fulfils His Dream


Intensifying the Basic Physical Training

Helping and Leading One Another Forward

Greater Efforts to Produce Various Kinds of Goods for Persons with Disabilities

Favorite Place

Hope for the Future

Bright Smile

Supply of Dairy Products