Out of Infinite Yearning

On the occasion of the birthday of Chairman Kim Jong Il (February 16) the Korea Art Association of Persons with Disabilities re-presented and staged several pieces of instrumental and vocal music and dance which portray the infinite yearning of the Korean people for him.
The programme included the solo Endless Is Our Yearning, light music Thinking of the General and male solo His Eternal Smile, which portrayed well the ardent yearning of all the people in the country for the leader of the nation, and thus were loudly applauded by audiences.
The audiences renewed their resolve to translate the plans and intentions of the Chairman into reality without fail, keeping his benevolent image in their minds.

Out of Infinite Yearning

To bring about a substantial improvement in the service for rehabilitation of hearing impairment

To Promote the Health of Children with Disabilities

A day in the winter training period

To attain the higher goal

Shared Swimming Course

Head Coach

Scientific and Technical Studies Prove Effective

To Become a National Musical Instrument Player

Smart Dance Movements