DPRK’s First Paralympic Delegation

This year marks the tenth anniversary of adoption of the Law of the DPRK on the Protection of the Disabled. It was adopted and made public by the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly on June 18, 2003. On the occasion of the day, sports games, art performances and other colourful events took place at prosthetic appliances factories and schools for the deaf and blind children and other institutions related to the disabled across the country. Officials of county people’s committees and other local power organs visited the above-said establishments to congratulate the young and old persons with disabilities on the National Day of Persons with Disabilities and acquainted themselves with problems arising in their life and work. Through these activities the young and old persons with disabilities showed that they are working and living happily with no worry under the deep care of the DPRK government.

1st Course on Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Audiology

1st Outreach Service for Prosthesis in Juche 103 (2014)

CDPF’s Visit to KFPD

KSL Courses

3rd Sample Survey on Disability

For Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

Warm Welcome to Those Who Added Glory to Motherland

Hong Kong Kadoorie Charitable Foundation (KCF) Visits KFPD

Korean Cooperation Office for the Disabled and Orphans

Colourful Events Held to Mark National Day of Persons with Disabilities on June 18