Guests of Honor

 A delegation of the KFPD visited China from July 13 to 22, 2015 at the invitation of the China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF). This visit was part of a regular exchange plan according to the memorandum of understanding adopted between the KFPD and the CDPF in February Juche 99 (2010).

The delegation toured various rehabilitation facilities for the people with disabilities such as the CDPF, China Rehabilitation Research Centre, China Rehabilitation Research Centre for the Deaf Children, Liaoning Rehabilitation Centre, Shenyang Rehabilitation Centre, China Blind Publishing Company and China Braille Library. The delegation had significant meetings with its counterparts of the CDPF and those in Liaoning and Shenyang in a friendly atmosphere and discussed the matters concerning developing mutual relations. In the meeting with the CDPF, the Chinese side expressed its willingness to further expand the bilateral cooperative relations and stand side by side with the Korean side in the international arena. Both sides also agreed to exchange a letter concerning the 2016 cooperative plan in the near future. The visit served as an important occasion for developing cooperation and exchange between the two organizations onto a higher stage.

Guests of Honor

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