Towards a Higher Goal

The Central Committee of the Korea Federation for the Care of Persons with Disabilities is working hard from the outset of the new year to implement the tasks set forth at the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers` Party of Korea.
Having worked out a detailed plan for this year with a view to making it a year of bringing about a new turn in protecting persons with disabilities, the committee is pushing ahead with its implementation. 
Though the goal is high and the tasks for its attainment are enormous, the officials of the committee are filled with confidence and determination to bring about a substantial advance in the work of protecting these persons.  

Out of Infinite Yearning

To bring about a substantial improvement in the service for rehabilitation of hearing impairment

To Promote the Health of Children with Disabilities

A day in the winter training period

To attain the higher goal

Shared Swimming Course

Head Coach

Scientific and Technical Studies Prove Effective

To Become a National Musical Instrument Player

Smart Dance Movements