Sports Games of the Disabled and Amateurs Held

Sports games of the disabled and amateurs were held in late 2022 amidst keen interest of the disabled and amateur athletes across the country.
The table tennis and tennis contests were held in the Gymnasium of Kim Il Sung University, and shooting and archery in the Meari Shooting Gallery.
The recent games drew greater public attention as a larger number of new players participated in them than in previous ones, and they displayed noble spiritual and moral traits and high skills which they had cultivated while taking part in mass-based sports activities on a regular basis.

The following is the table of rankings.
Table tennis of the disabled (single)
1st: Kim Yong Rok
2nd: So Kwang Nam
3rd: Ho Nam Chol

50m rifle shooting of the disabled (men and women) 
1st: Kim Nam Il
2nd: Ma Yu Chol
3rd: Sim Sung Hyok

20m archery of the disabled
1st: Jang Jun Hyok
2nd: Kim Kyong Il
3rd: Hyon San Il

Out of Infinite Yearning

To bring about a substantial improvement in the service for rehabilitation of hearing impairment

To Promote the Health of Children with Disabilities

A day in the winter training period

To attain the higher goal

Shared Swimming Course

Head Coach

Scientific and Technical Studies Prove Effective

To Become a National Musical Instrument Player

Smart Dance Movements