International Day of Persons with Disabilities Marked

A meeting was held in the People`s Palace of Culture, marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 
It was attended by Yun Chang Il, chairman of the Central Committee of the Korea Federation for the Care of Persons with Disabilities, officials of relevant units, persons with disabilities and their families, and citizens of Pyongyang.
A video on the successes the country had achieved in 2022 in the effort to protect the persons with disabilities was screened, followed by an artistic performance titled, My Great Country, given by the art group of the Korea Art Association of Persons with Disabilities.


Out of Infinite Yearning

To bring about a substantial improvement in the service for rehabilitation of hearing impairment

To Promote the Health of Children with Disabilities

A day in the winter training period

To attain the higher goal

Shared Swimming Course

Head Coach

Scientific and Technical Studies Prove Effective

To Become a National Musical Instrument Player

Smart Dance Movements