Theoretical Education Combined with Practice

The Vocational School for Persons with Disabilities is directing great efforts to practical education of its students. Special attention is being paid to hairdressing practice as the students majoring in it take a large proportion.

The instructors teach particulars of the relevant skills for dealing with different types of hairdressing to suit the fancies and likes of the customers of different ages, with the focus on popular styles of hairdressing.

Those who have received service from the students lavish praise on them, saying that they are highly skilled, and that they are as admirable as their teachers.

Thanks to the sincere help from the instructors, the students` skills are improving with each passing day.

Intermediate Evaluation of Disabled Children

Collection of Sketches

Greater Spur to Training

Commemorative Gathering during International Deaf Week

Commemorative Gathering for the Day of World White Stick Held

Artistic Performance of Persons with Disabilities Held in Nampho

A Girl: Eighth Encore

Echoes from Audiences

Short Courses Given at Schools for Children with Listening and Speaking Disabilities

Coaches’ Ability Leads to That of Their Trainees