Cultural Life

o Internal cooperation
- Running of national non-permanent committee for the protection of the people with disability is an important occasion for the KFPD for strengthening collaborative relationship with the governmental bodies and administrative organs at all levels. It also appreciates the friendly relations with the all strata of society.
Especially, with the adoption of the agreement on the establishment of partnership between the KFPD and the KCC (Korean Computer Centre) in September 2009, a favourable condition and environment for providing better living conditions and further improving the work for the protection of the persons with disabilities by introducing up-to-date information technology to disability area has been made.

o External cooperation

- Adoption of MOU on Mutual Cooperation between KFPD and CDPF
Relations of friendship and cooperation between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the People’s Republic of China are being developed and expanded in the disability area. Thanks to the common efforts of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled and the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, the Memorandum of Understanding on Mutual Cooperation in Disability Area has been adopted in Beijing on February 9, 2010.


- Mission from Lighthouse Foundation visited the KFPD, Taedonggang Culture Centre for the Disabled, and other facilities for the persons with disabilities in Pyongyang and other local areas

A mission from the Lighthouse Foundation in America, headed by Ms. Shin Young Soon, the executive director of the Foundation, visited the KFPD in February and May 2010. During the visits, the KFPD and the mission had several discussions on practical issues, including the establishment of the Pyongyang General Health Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled and the cooperation in other disability area. The missions also visited the Pothonggang Welfare Service Workshop, Pulgungori Tailor’s Shop, Kangwon Provincial Deaf School and Self-help Workshop of the Disabled in Wonsan City. They expressed satisfaction with the modernized appearance of the facilities which are the results of cooperative activities of both organizations for the persons with disabilities in the past. Admiring the progressive policy of the fatherland for the protection of the persons with disabilities, they expressed their firm decision to make more contributions for supporting the persons with disabilities and orphans in the fatherland.

   The KFPD authorities had an interview with the delegation from the Japan-Korea Friendship Association at Pyongyang Koryo Hotel on May 9, 2010.

- Training of medical rehabilitation experts
Thanks to the financial support of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) represented by the Pyongyang Cooperation Office, 14 Korean experts are under training at the Chinese Health Rehabilitation Research Centre for the Disabled Persons.
The trainees consist of the KFPD staffs and rehabilitation experts.
The training course will be gone through in two groups for 60 days, 30 days for each group of 14 to 16 members.
The subject of the training is the medical rehabilitation technology.

∙ The KFPD delegation visits India
At the invitation of the Handicap International in India (HI in India), the KFPD delegation visited several facilities related to the production of prosthesis and the medical rehabilitation in India in June 2010..
During the visit, HI in India showed its sincere hospitality for providing the KFPD delegation with better conditions, and the delegation expressed its heartfelt thanks for this.
Through the visit to the facilities related to the persons with disability, the delegation collected valuable information and data which would be introduced into the field of prosthesis, orthoses and medical rehabilitation for the persons with disabilities in the DPRK.

Korean Cooperation Office for the Disabled and Orphans

Colourful Events Held to Mark National Day of Persons with Disabilities on June 18

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Talented Artists Are Brought up

Workshop Held to Mark 10th Anniv. of Adoption of DPRK Law on Protection of Disabled

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Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities Marked

DPRK’s First Paralympic Delegation

For Broader Exchange

Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability Opened