IEC Activities

The Korean Foundation for the Disabled and Orphans (KFDO) decided to register the representatives of the donor organizations and individual figures who make a great contribution for the development of work for the people with disabilities and orphans in the DPRK as the members and honored members of the KFDO and award them with the certificates of donation. In addition to this, it decided to provide them with various kinds of benefits, including sightseeing tours to the scenic spots of the DPRK. 
The KFDO Beijing Office, the mission of which is to promote collaboration between donors and donor organizations willing to cooperate for the people with disabilities and orphans in the DPRK, is actively waging information dissemination on the KFPD’s project plans to the donors so to realize their hope to cooperate with the KFPD in their favourable areas.


On the other hand, the Beijing Office pays a deep attention to contacting with international organizations and charity organizations which deals with the cooperative activities in this field.

Korean Cooperation Office for the Disabled and Orphans

Colourful Events Held to Mark National Day of Persons with Disabilities on June 18

Cooperation in Treating Eyesight Troubles

Talented Artists Are Brought up

Workshop Held to Mark 10th Anniv. of Adoption of DPRK Law on Protection of Disabled

To Expand Scope of Exchanges

Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities Marked

DPRK’s First Paralympic Delegation

For Broader Exchange

Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability Opened