Ri Song Chol, 28, is a paraplegic. In his childhood he drew the attention of everyone for his glittering eyes and strong eyebrows. But when he was four years old, a sudden misfortune befell on him. He was diagnosed with hyperostosis, so he received a surgical operation. The operation was rather successful, so he attended crèche, kindergarten and primary school for more than ten years. But he was again seized with illness when he was about 16. He couldn’t move his waist freely. Worse still, he felt symptoms of paralysis in his legs. He received manual, physical and medicinal treatment in hospitals and sanatoria. Sometimes his condition showed signs of recovery. However, he had to rely on a tricycle. One day an official from the Korean Sports Association of the Disabled (KSAD) came to ask him whether he wanted to learn archery. He responded to his advice. His archery skill improved beyond expectation as he was a man of great curiosity and keen wit. As he was engrossed in training, he felt vigour of life, gripped by a sense of joy and hope. He participated in the Asian Youth Para Games last year and the Asian archery championship held in Bangkok, Thailand, this year. In the course of this he found that his life in sharp contrast to that of his foreign friends in the same position as his. For the last 20 years he received scores of times of hospital and sanatoria treatment including several surgical operations. Every month he was provided with food provisions and health tonics. His teacher and classmates, rain or snow, piggybacked him to the school and visited his home to give lecture and inform him of what happened at the school to encourage him. The KSAD members were his fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who took sincere care of his health and living conditions. A number of girls volunteered to become his life companions. All these men did so not merely because they commiserated with him but because they wanted to help others in good earnest, regarding their misery as theirs. Indeed, he enjoyed the loving care and benefits, knowingly and not knowingly. This was the privileges and fortune which can be enjoyed only by the disabled people in the DPRK including Song Chol. When he was lying in bed due to increasing symptom of paralysis a few years ago he thought to himself: One must live up to humanity and love. What can I do for this grateful system and society? Eventually, he decided to muster his courage to win the International Paralympic Games to be held in Brazil this year.

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