Art Group of KAAD Gives Performance

The art group of the Korean Art Association of the Disabled gave a performance at the Pyongyang Municipal Youth Park Open-air Theatre from April  22 to 25.

The performance began with the instrumental music and song I Love You and staged many numbers including the traditional percussion instrumental ensemble Singosan Ballad, female solo Blooming Workplace, and sign-language dance and chorus We Are the Happiest in the World.

Cheerful and lively appearances of the performers, though with disabilities, bringing their hopes and talents into reality under the warm care of the socialist country really impressed the audience.

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We Are the Happiest in the World

Children’s Happiness

An Impressive Performance

Beautiful and Elegant Portrayal

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Directing Efforts to Strengthening Physical Training

To Strengthen the Learned Knowledge in Practice

Directing Efforts to Politico-ideological Education

Sincere Devotion to Development of Sports by Disabled