Massager Fulfils His Dream

A young man with visual impairment walked into the Central District Hospital in Pyongyang in June last year amid congratulations from the doctors and nurses. He was Ko Jong Ui, who was honoured to work as a massage therapist in the rehabilitation department of the hospital. He whispered to his wife, who was helping him put on the doctor`s costume, “My dream has come true.”

Earlier, he had worked as a massage therapist at the Korea Economic and Cultural Exchange Company of Persons with Hearing and Visual Impairments, giving successful treatment to a large number of patients with nervous disorders such as cervical vertebrae and lumbar diseases. After he had qualified as a professional health worker, he started his career at the medical establishment.

Now he is making a profound study of a massage treatment for chronic liver diseases, in addition to spinal diseases.

The 34-year-old man is leading a happy life together with his parents, wife and children.

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