I am a disabled man, so I, unlike ordinary people, cannot move freely.

When I had an accident when I was 7, I had my right lower leg cut off in an operation.

The country provided me with the 12-year compulsory education like ordinary children, giving me new school uniforms, bags and other school things, so that there was no shade of gloom in my face.

After leaving school, I became a table tennis player at the Korean Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities.

When I received the gold medal in the table-tennis event of the Games of Persons with Disabilities and Amateurs-2023, I could not help shedding tears as I was reminded of the people who had helped and led me.

Every sportsman dreams of success.

Moreover, the sportsmen with disabilities have to overcome a mountain of indescribable difficulties and hardships if they are to win.

I often tell myself, looking at my gold medal: Always set an ambitious goal and raise a challenge to yourself without interruption. Only then can the honour of the country be demonstrated in the international arena and our national flag be hoisted.

I know I`ll run and run to make it.

Yun Kwang Song, the Korean Sports Association of Persons with Disabilities

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