Supply of Dairy Products

It has been three years since the Korea Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disabilities began to keep a diary for recording the supply of dairy products to children with disabilities, which are provided under the warm care of the Workers` Party of Korea.

The diary has the records of the amount of dairy products given to each child, the date of supply and the signature of the nurses who supplied them.

The number of volumes of the diary has increased and now there are more than 10 volumes of it.

Looking at the diary that depicts the great parental care–that any loss incurred in doing things for the benefit of children should not be counted as deficit and that the larger sum of money the state pays for their interests, the brighter the future of the country will be–the management and employees of the centre are firmly determined to devote their all to the nursing and upbringing of children with disabilities with a high sense of responsibility that they look after the future of the country.

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