The Korean Federation for Protection of the Disabled (KFPD) is developing various projects that can make a contribution to the development of work of the persons with disabilities and working vigorously for its realization.

∙ Project for Second National Sample Survey on Persons with Disabilities

Objective: To have a correct number of the persons with disabilities as well as the main reasons of disability so to prevent its occurrence on the basis of the international standard of the classification of disability and evaluation methods.
Beneficiary: The whole population with disabilities and their families in the DPRK
Activity: - External training of the surveyors 
             -  Information dissemination
             - Organization of survey committees
             - Survey
Budget: € 600,000

∙ Project for Setting Up Training Base for Talented Orphans

Objective: To include the orphans into the mainstream of the social development by ensuring an updated education
Beneficiary: All of the orphans and staffs of the orphanage
Activity: - Construction of school building and dormitory
             - Procurement of school things and living requisites
             - Training of teachers
Budget: € 700,000

∙ Project for Establishing Hamhung Education Centre for Children with Disabilities

Objective: To make a contribution to the education of the persons with disabilities through integrated education between the children with disabilities and normal children
Beneficiary:  Deaf and blind children, amputees and normal children
Activity: - Establishment of the centre in Hamhung City, introduction of the deaf and blind-integrated education system and introduction of the IT to their educational course
              - Introduction of new educational course of the persons with disabilities (intelligence, art, sports, etc.) and of the IT course
Budget: € 3,000,000

∙ Project for Capacity-Building of KFPD

Objective: To create a favourable environment and situation for developing the work for protection of the persons with disabilities by enhancing the propagation ability of the KFPD
Beneficiary: KFPD, Taedonggang Culture Centre for the Disabled, Kim Man Yu Hospital, Pothonggang Welfare Service Workshop, 11 deaf and blind schools, Hamhung Prosthesis Factory, Hamhung Orthopaedic Hospital, Pyongyang Orthopaedic Centre,  North Phyongan Provincial Orphanage, North Hwanghae Provincial Babyhome,  Phyongsong Orphanage, Phyongsong Babyhome
Activity: - Purchasing necessary equipment 
             - Field-survey for photographing
             - Making an album and exhibition stand
             - Distribution
             - Review
Budget: € 20,000

∙ Project for Making a Movie on the People with Visual Impairment

Objective: To raise the social awareness on disability
Beneficiary: People with disabilities in the country and their families, KFPD
Activity: Script-writing, contract, filming, reviewing and re-filming, reporting
Budget: € 600,000

∙ Project for Producing Multi-Media for Education of Children with Hearing Disabilities

Objective: To contribute to realize an inclusive society—a society for all
Beneficiary: Deaf children and students and their teachers
Activity: Organizing the studio, sign language lecture and its settlement, multi-media production, review, publishing, distribution
Budget:  $ 40,000

∙ Project for Providing Greenhouses to Pyongyang Kindergarten for Orphans & Mirim School for Orphans

Objective: To contribute to improved nutrition status and health of the children with disability and orphans who constitute one of the most vulnerable groups in the DPRK
Beneficiary: Orphans of the kindergarten and the orphanage
Activity: - Securing necessary materials
             - Preparation for human resource 
             - Construction of greenhouse
             - Training of people for proper management of the greenhouse
             - Supply of vegetable processing facilities
             - Producing and providing vegetables
Budget: € 50,000

∙ Project for Establishing Korean Sign Language Database (KSLD)

Objective: To promote the realization of integrated society through communication of the persons with hearing disabilities by establishing an integrated social institution for the first time in the country
Beneficiary: All persons with hearing disabilities and normal people
Activity: - Establishment of KSLD
             -  Renewal of deaf education course 
             - Compilation of sign language dictionary
             - Training of sign language interpreters
             - Developing a sign language TV program
             - Studying of sign language
             - Exchange and cooperation with international deaf organizations
Budget:  € 40,000

∙ Project for Modernizing Educational Environment of Special Schools

Objective: To improve the educational quality of special schools by modernizing their educational environment so as to make a contribution to the integrated social development
Beneficiary: students from Unjon Deaf School and Songchon Deaf School
Activity: - Renovation of school buildings
             - Provision of modernized educational equipment including the IT educational facilities
             - Improvement of educational course and method
Budget:  € 50,000

∙ Project for Preventing Road Traffic Injuries (model project)

Objective: To contribute to the prevention of disabilities caused by road traffic through practical education by traffic safety education field
Beneficiary: Residents in Taedonggang District and Pyongyang
Activity: - Seminar of the officials concerned 
             - Design and construction of barrier-free traffic safety education field
             - Education to people and students through this field
Budget: € 15,000

∙ Project for Organizing Sports Team (Table-Tennis) with Persons with Disabilities

 Objective: To include the sports of the persons with disabilities into the mainstream of the social development by raising the social awareness on the persons with disabilities and making more persons with disabilities participate in sports activities
Beneficiary: future athletes with disabilities and their families
Activity: - Preparation for organizing the table-tennis team with the persons with disabilities (coach and athletes selecting, social awareness raising activities, medical and function degree classifying)
              - Organizing table-tennis training
                    ∙ Running table-tennis team with amputees at the Comprehensive Sports Training Hall
                        for the persons with disabilities
                    ∙ Running table-tennis team with the persons with mental retardation atTangsang Primary School,
                        Mangyongdae District

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