Coaches’ Ability Leads to That of Their Trainees

Coaches of the Korean Athletic Association of Persons with Disabilities are now focusing on improving their own abilities.

With a high sense of responsibility that the height of the awarding platform depends on that of their own ability, they are taking an active part in technical studies to put their instruction on a scientific basis.

The association, on the basis of the achievements it has gained at international competitions in the past, arranges debates on different kinds of technical movements and methods which are relevant to the types of disabilities, as well as workshops for learning theories of sports science for persons with disabilities in line with the worldwide trend.

Intermediate Evaluation of Disabled Children

Collection of Sketches

Greater Spur to Training

Commemorative Gathering during International Deaf Week

Commemorative Gathering for the Day of World White Stick Held

Artistic Performance of Persons with Disabilities Held in Nampho

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Echoes from Audiences

Short Courses Given at Schools for Children with Listening and Speaking Disabilities

Coaches’ Ability Leads to That of Their Trainees