Gifted Magician

Won Song Min with hearing impairment is a dancer and the only magician of the Korean Art Association of the Disabled.

Clever and sensible, he has great manual skills.

There is an interesting story behind how he became a magician. When he was 12, his father Won Ryong Chol saw the son imitating how he behaved at a magic show.

Watching the boy`s playful movements, his father, a magician at the National Acrobatic Troupe, realized that his son was endowed with manual dexterity, in addition to lively character and unusual memory, and decided to teach him magic skills. He was both strict and careful in training his son.

After finishing his secondary school course, Won received specialist training in such skills as basic dance movements and magic tricks under the sponsorship of the Korean Art Association of the Disabled.

His skills grew as days turned into months, months into years.

His first performance was in 2013, typical examples of his popular works including Changing Clothes and A Mystery Box.

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