KFPD Activities

Ms. Shin Young Soon, project director of the Green Tree Charity Foundation International, visited the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for Protection of the Disabled with a compatriotic mind several times as of August 2012, expressing a firm resolve to contribute to national reunification through the care of the disabled people. Visiting the federation several times—in February, March, April, June, August this year—she emphasized that it is our generation’s noble mission before the coming generations to put an end to the tragedy of the divided nation and strive to exalt the honour of our nation by making one Korea and a reunified country, and called upon all the Koreans in the north, south and abroad again to join efforts in the care of the disabled persons first. Sanhose World Church, Agacci Foundation, H&G Foundation, Seattle Brothers Church and many other Korean religious organizations and philanthropist bodies in America donated a lot of aid goods and financial support out of their kindly care for the disabled persons and orphans in the motherland. Highly appreciating their sincere support, the KFPD Central Committee is renewing its determination to work hard to further improve the care for the disabled by intensifying cooperation with all organizations and personages who aspire after national unity and reunification.

Korean Cooperation Office for the Disabled and Orphans

Colourful Events Held to Mark National Day of Persons with Disabilities on June 18

Cooperation in Treating Eyesight Troubles

Talented Artists Are Brought up

Workshop Held to Mark 10th Anniv. of Adoption of DPRK Law on Protection of Disabled

To Expand Scope of Exchanges

Int’l Day of Persons with Disabilities Marked

DPRK’s First Paralympic Delegation

For Broader Exchange

Korean Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Disability Opened