Pleasant memories of a person with hearing impairment

“This is the New Year`s Day of 2022, the 22nd New Year`s Day I greet in the embrace of the benevolent socialist country.” This is a part of diary written by Kim Kuk Yon with hearing impairment, an employee of the Jangwon Ragwon Collaboration Company under the Central Committee of the Korean Federation for the Protection of the Disabled.

Born in 2000, Kim greeted the New Year’s Day in the bosom of his parents for the first time of his life, and enjoyed happy days in nursery and kindergarten for five years.

When he envied his friends in school uniform going to school, the socialist motherland saw to it that he went to the school of the deaf. At the school he greeted the seventh New Year’s Day.

After graduation from the school of the deaf, he entered the vocational training school of the disabled. There he enjoyed the 17th New Year’s Day together with his teachers and friends.

When he was appointed as a member of the Jangwon Ragwon Collaboration Company under the Central Committee of the KFPD after graduating summa cum laude, he was full of gratitude of the country and looked back upon his past happy days.

As a person with disability, he studied at the primary and middle schools and vocational training school and had the job in the benevolent country.

When greeting the New Year’s Day of 2022, Kim wrote his happy memories on a diary and made up his mind to live up to the country’s expectations.

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