A Happy Smile

Seeing the children getting better and better at the KRCCD thanks to the people-oriented government policy, their parents extend thanks to the country, shedding tears of gratitude. In the past some children were not able to hold spoons and others found it hard to call their parents for cerebral palsy. But now they act freely by themselves and begin to communicate with people orally. Their parents take delight in seeing their kids grow merrily under the care of the nurses, educators and medical workers.

Brisk Activity of Computer Circle

Training Course for Recovering Auditory Disorder

Tourism Schedule of Autumn Table Tennis Tournament for persons with Disabilities and Amateurs 2017(18th October-23rd October, 6 days)

Preparation of 5th Session of Non-Permanent Korean Sign Language Judging Commission

Visit to Exchange Agency

For Victory

Noble and Beautiful Moral Traits

Visit to Football Team

3rd Mobile Repair Service for Prosthetic Devices in Juche 106 (2017)

Disabled People Give Performance