For Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

With the approval of the DPRK government, the Blind Association of Korea (BAK) and the Sign Language Interpreters’ Association of Korea (SLIAK) have been established on March 22, Juche 103 (2014).

The BAK is a self-support organization of the blind, which sets it as its mission to represent the interests of all blind citizens of the DPRK and ensure their social status and exercise of their lawful rights.

It is engaged in the work to investigate the opinions and demands of the blind on a regular basis and organize various activities to meet them. Paying deep attention to the education of the blind children, it also carries on such work for vocational education of the blind, production and spread of Braille publications and other publicity activities to draw more interest and support for the association from at home and abroad.

The SLIAK sets it as its mission to provide the deaf and dumb in the country with equal opportunity, equality and full participation in social activities and international arena. Its task is to fully meet the opinions and demands of the deaf and dumb through free SL-based access to all spheres of social life, including politics, the economy and culture, and SL-based communication.

The SLIAK carries on such work to standardize the Korean Sign Language by ensuring the scientific, fluent, continuous and simultaneous SL interpretation and introducing SL subtitle to video presentations of mass media, including TV, and develop physical culture and sports of the deaf and dumb. It also makes efforts to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation with the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) and its partners around the world.

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