Talented Artists Are Brought up

The Korean Rehabilitation Centre for the Disabled Children (KRCDC) sets it as its mission to find out at an early stage the disabled pre-school children, recover their health and thus ensure that they fully develop their abilities and enjoy the benefits of the12-year universal free compulsory education as normal children. It has paid primary attention to the nutrition administration and recuperation of disabled children and made painstaking efforts to this end. As a result, in less than six months after its inauguration, children who lacked any cognitive and judgment ability about matters and phenomena began to recognize things and come in contact with people, and those who were unable to move without others’ help were able to move freely. The centre selects those who have an aptitude for drawing, music and dancing and cultivates their talents.In addition, it conducts brisk activities with overseas Korean compatriots and international organizations that are deeply interested in recovering the health of disabled children in the DPRK. A delegation of the Hungarian Baptist World Aid visited the centre in April 2013 and other delegations from international organizations and overseas Koreans on several occasions in June and September. During their visit they exchanged their views with regard to the upbringing and education of disabled children and their treatment and recovery, and expressed their willingness to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation to this end. The centre will, in the future, too, make positive efforts for early recovery and treatment of disabled children and promote exchanges and cooperation with various international organizations, overseas Koreans and their organizations.

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