Since the first period of its foundation, the KFPD has carried out activities of raising public awareness and interest on the disabled people`s affairs in various forms and methods.

Above all, the KFPD enforced a campaign to educate its staffs and other people concerned to have a correct understanding and awareness on the disabled people and their affairs so as to represent and advocate their rights and interest in a right way.

At the same time, it has pushed forward various publication and propaganda activities that encouraged all social members to help the disabled people have a correct understanding of them and contribute to their physical rehabilitation.

Placing a great emphasis on the rehabilitation of the disabled people, it has newly built plastic prosthesis workshop and physiotherapeutic treatment room in Hamhung Prosthesis Factory and provided amputees with new kinds of prosthesis and walking aids.



By emphasizing the importance of training technical experts, it succeeded in improving the technical and functional standard of prosthesis technicians and physical treatment experts.

It also renovated and modernized Hamhung Orthopaedic Hospital to ensure safe and convenient operations of amputees and enlarged the capacity of the hospital by supplying it with medical necessities and drugs.


In order to create a favourable atmosphere for rehabilitating the disabled people, the KFPD supplemented and provided a number of hospitals including Kim Man Yu Hospital with new rehabilitation equipment and rebuilt and modernized Sijungho Sanatorium which is a physical rehabilitation centre mainly based on mud-treatment. It also made achievements in consolidating material and technical foundations of hospitals located in mines and other working places.


In order to ensure that the disabled children are given the same education as the normal ones, the KFPD improved the educational environment of special schools, strengthened their material and technical foundations and raised the qualifications of their teachers. Seminars of experts in special education were held on three occasions and raised the interest of people related to the disabled affairs on the education of the disabled and inspired the teachers of special schools to better educate the disabled children with love and care.


Consequently, new educational materials and reference books were published, special schools were furnished with computers and modern teaching equipment and the life of the pupils were improved.

For promoting their cultural life, the KFPD organized art groups in all special schools and supplied necessary art instruments and clothes. It also made arrangements for increasing art talents of the disabled children through consultation with the officials of the Ministry of Education and the Mangyongdae Schoolchildren`s Palace.


The KFPD is also concerned with the development of their sports; it makes consistent efforts to select prospective sports kind and players and train them properly.

It achieved many successes in providing the disabled people with better working and living conditions.

Pothonggang Welfare Service Workshop which has a high employment rate of the disabled people was rebuilt and renovated and conditions were improved for them to work in keeping with their physical capabilities. The KFPD also set up a self-help workshop of the disabled as its subsidiary in Wonsan, Kangwon Province and provided the disabled employees with consolidated material foundations for the convenience of work.


The KFPD enhanced vocational training of the disabled people in special schools so that they can enjoy working life after graduation.

It actively conducted publication and propaganda campaign to raise public consciousness on the disabled people`s affairs, encourage the disabled people to lead their life in a worthy way with confidence in themselves and established social atmosphere of helping them.

Availing of several opportunities including the Day of Adoption of the DPR Korea`s Law on the Protection of the Disabled and the International Day of the Disabled, it intensified a propaganda campaign to increase public awareness of the disabled people.


It also published on a regular basis the KFPD Newsletter and a variety of pamphlets and propaganda materials on the rehabilitation of the disabled people as well as translating and publishing books and references introducing experiences accumulated by the international organizations and the regions and the countries in the work of helping the disabled people.

Considering the issue of increasing its capacity as the key to success in the affairs of the disabled people, the KFPD consistently improved itself.

First, in a bid to complete its organizational structure, it set up its branch organizations at different levels and established a well-regulated working system from the centre to the subsidiaries. It also organized associations of various sectors and let them work on normal basis.

It selected as officers of the Central Committee of the KFPD and its subsidiaries who cherish warm love of human being and demanded them to raise their qualifications and capabilities.

It also stepped up cooperation with organizations at home and abroad.

It keeps up regular relationship with the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Urban Management and other governmental organizations and with international organizations related to the disabled people`s affairs.

It also promotes exchange and cooperation with international organizations including the European Union and the EUPS-Unit 7 as well as the associations of overseas compatriots and branch offices in various countries concerned with the issue of the disabled people.

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