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Kumgang Engine J-V Company

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The Kumgang Engine J-V Company, with its legal status in Rangnang District, Pyongyang in the DPRK, was established as a joint venture enterprise with Japan DIA-STAR Co., Ltd. in1993.

It mass-produces a wide range of gasoline, diesel and kerosene side-valve engines, engine generators and engine pumps.

Equipped with CNC-based machinery, it fully ensures super-precision in processing engine body and shaft and manufacturing equipment.

Such main parts of the engine as the crank shaft and camshaft are manufactured by the method of spheroidal graphite cast iron.

It uses state-of-the-art testing and measuring equipment for quality control on the technical specifications. It makes efforts to raise the rate of producing plastic parts of the engine.

The company is in a position to immediately satisfy various orders of customers in different parts of the world by introducing OEM type.

Its gasoline engines with various output are enjoying good reputation of clients at home and abroad for good first driving, high performance and low fuel consumption as up-to-date electronic ignition device is applied to manufacturing them.

Its 7-hp engine, in particular, is small in size and weight, yet has greater horsepower yet lesser vibration and noise, so the demand for it is on the daily increase.

Engine KH-18, which was granted local and international patents in 2010, is popular among buyers.

Its 6-hp engine KH-18 and 7-hp engine KH-21 are mainly used in a rice-seedling transplanter, a shallow ploughing machine and other farming machines, and as an electric power for all machines which do not use power including a rail grinder.

Small engines developed by the company were awarded a diploma and a medal at the farm machine exhibition held in Paris, France in 1995. They have been exported to scores of countries including France, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa.

The company is directing primary efforts to the development of new technologies. At present its competent development team is carrying on the study of a new kind of OHV-C engine in keeping with the developing trends of engines and mechanical art of the world.

It will promote multilateral and friendly cooperation with any companies and individuals that are interested in its project.

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