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Shameless Behaviour of S. Korean Regime

Shortly ago, the south Korean regime let its prime minister bring to Seoul riff-raffs of the fact-finding group of the human rights in north Korea fabricated by the UN Human Rights Council, a plot-breeding tool and puppet of the US, in order to stage a charade aimed to institute a “law on human rights in the north”.

The puppet group should have felt the blame for having turned south Korea into the worst tundra of human rights by reviving the fascist rule. It is, however, busy kicking up an anti-DPRK human rights campaign, raising a hue and cry over someone’s non-existent “human rights issue.” Nothing is more shameless behaviour than this.

It is nonsensical to discuss the democratic rights of the people and their human rights in south Korea.

As well known to everybody, the puppet conservative group last year was busy building up the public opinion to create conditions in favour of the election of the candidate from the ruling party by mobilizing the Intelligence Service as a shock brigade in a bid to bar the democratic forces desirous of independence, democracy and reunification from coming to power.

Utterly taken aback by the mounting candlelight actions and the events for issuing declarations on the situation in demand of the resignation of the present chief executive and the punishment of those involved in the wake of disclosure of crimes, the south Korean regime ruthlessly trampled down the freedom and rights of the people, revealing its fascist nature.

The fascists set in motion the Intelligence Service and the Security Investigation Group on June 26 to search the South Headquarters of the National Alliance for Korea’s Reunification and arrested its secretary general and its director for cooperation with other countries. Then they detained a member of the organizational committee of the headquarters and others and persecuted them. The member was suffering from a serious illness due to the aftermath of the 17-year-long prison life during the “Yushin” fascist dictatorship. They also held trials of four persons, including the permanent representative of the Youth and Students Solidarity for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration, kicking up a terror-ridden atmosphere.

When broad segments of people staged a demonstration in Seoul on August 15 denouncing the IS’s interference in the election, the police authorities walked away demonstrators, firing water cannon mixed with tear liquid at them.

They threatened the students who participated in the candlelight rallies to appear at the police station and committed such human rights abuses as investigating e-mails of members of the Solidarity for Democracy, People’s Life, Peaceful Reunification and Sovereignty on absurd charge that they denounced their illegal acts.

It is none other than the present regime that is suppressing the working masses in their struggle for their vital rights.

The case of Ssangyong Motors that sparked off a big furor in south Korea in 2009 has not been settled under the present regime which calls for an “era of people’s happiness”.

The fascists removed even incense-burning altar which was set up to honour the memory of the workers of the Trade Union of Ssangyong Motors who were killed and their bereaved families and unhesitatingly committed such inhuman acts as arresting the head of a branch of the trade union who grew weak after staging a hunger strike for over 40 days.

More than seven million families or 45 percent of all residents in south Korea are homeless and more than 10 million people are below the poverty line due to the fascist and inhuman rule.

There are 2.75 million jobless young people who graduated from universities, a serious social problem. South Korea is a de facto tundra of human rights where more than 40 persons commit suicides every day, lamenting over cursed society.

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