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Kim Il Sung's Reminiscences
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  KOREA  [07]




 The DPRK represents genuine people’s power and is a banner of the unity and solidarity of the masses

 Officials must become true servants of the people

 Socialism of our country is a socialism of our style as the embodiment of the Juche Idea

 The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a Juche-oriented socialist state with invincible might

 Let us march forward dynamically towards final victory, holding higher the banner of Songun

 Let us step up the building of a thriving country by applying Kim Jong Il’s patriotism





Arch of Triumph

Historical Relics in Kaesong

Grand Monument on Mansu Hill

Mirim Riding Club

Okryu Children’s Hospital

Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery

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Kim Jong Un's Activities

Wreath to Bier of Late Jon Pyong Ho

Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un of the Korean People’s Army on July 9 sent a wreath to the bier of the late Jon Pyong Ho, KPA General of the army and honorary curator of the KPA Military Hardware Museum, expressing deep condolences over his death.


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Statement & Commentary

Wrong Policy on Anti-Personnel Mines

The biased policy of the United States on the production and possession of anti-personnel mines was disclosed during the recent conference to review the implementation of the convention on prohibition of anti-personnel mines (Ottawa Treaty) held in Mozambique.

A spokesperson for the National Security Council of the White House in a statement clarified that the US government would no longer produce anti-personnel mines and purchase them but, timed to coincide with this, a spokesperson for the US State Department blustered the announcement of a halt to using those mines would not affect the defense of the Korean peninsula.

This outpouring cannot but be called into question as it is revelation of the US sinister scenario to keep south Korea under its occupation as its bridgehead for carrying out its strategy for dominating the Asia-Pacific.


Economy / Trade

Newly-built Structures

The DPRK preserves the Juche character in architecture in keeping with the demands, interests and aspirations of the people.

When talking about material and cultural wealth created by mankind, they often think about architectural structures first.

Nothing is more closely linked with human life than architecture among what has been created through the creative labour of mankind.


Society / Culture

Animated Sports Park

The Pothong River flows to the Taedong through some districts in the western area of Pyongyang.

It was a big pleasure ground with a verdant landscape and clean promenades, where young men and women enjoyed boating and many anglers offered a spectacular sight. Now the scenery along the river has been facelifted completely.

In keeping with the craze for sports sweeping the country many places for mass-based sports activities were laid out, such as Pothonggang Sports Park, Ansan Sports Park and others along the riverside.


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Time-honoured History & Brilliant Culture

 Advanced Metalwork...

 Patriotic Martyr...

 Paeksang Pavilion...

 Salt Production...

 The Mural...

 Japan’s Plunder...

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New entries of music

Our Leader Smiles Brightly

Longing for the Leader

The Leader’s Country

Reunification Waltz

Let Us Achieve Reunification through National Unity

Korea’s Answer

The Leader Will Always Be With Us: First Movement
—Long Live Generalissimo
Kim Il Sung!

The Leader Will Always Be With Us: Second Movement
—Longing for His Sunny Smiles

The Leader Will Always Be With Us: Third Movement
—Our Sun and Star

The Leader Will Always Be With Us: Fourth Movement
—We Pledge


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